What we do

Bulle8 is an AI-driven, education platform on how to invest in a company successfully. Bulle8 was set up in 2017 to help people make informed decisions and not swayed by emotions, bias, fatigue or herd mentality by looking at the core fundamentals of a company.

Our approach

We provide insights to investors on the fundamentals of a company, its relative valuation and timing of entry/exit. We studied more than 100.000 companies since 1992 across 24 industry group; and looking into the correlation between balance sheet health and stock prices - and assess whether they are under or overvalued.


We don't make people follow others' successful trades - we build internal competencies of every individual or institution via training and online research, and learn what it takes to be a successful value investor using a financial ratings approach and predict direction of prices.

How it Works: 5-Easy Steps

  • Learn how to become a value investor via online training (self-study + scheduled 'live' tutorials).
  • Subscribe to the portal and see how hundreds of pre-analysed stocks are performing.
  • Build your own paper portfolio of stocks and engage the investment community.
  • Publish your research output using Bulle8 approach by getting certified by us.
  • Earn income whenever people buy your published reports.